Yoga Practice for Stability

Yoga online

As I'm not teaching classes in August, this online Yoga practice will provide you with something to work with...
Start it going when you are ready to start and let it run through as you practice alongside it. Match your breath and movement to the speed I go at, if possible. The video takes 23 minutes to go through.
Please note: This Yoga practice may not be suitable for everyone. Don't use this practice if you experience pain or discomfort when going through it.
I'm looking forward to getting your feedback!

Mother and Baby Yoga back in September

Weekly classes for mothers and babies (between 8 weeks and crawling).
Enjoy Yoga together!

In this class we go with the flow and mood of the class on a particular day. Sometimes its noisy, sometimes quiet and mostly both in the same class! We'll use movement and touch with the children so they do some Yoga. We use postnatal Yoga for mums, helping recovery after pregnancy changes, plus use some calming techniques to help cope with being a busy mum.

Weekly on Thursday 10.45-11.45am, The Bagnall Centre, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham HP5 1PE

Why is one-to-one Yoga different to a Yoga class?

Individual Yoga focuses on how you are, what your abilities are and what you would like or need to work with using Yoga.

We are all different and one-to-one Yoga embraces these differences instead of trying to get us to be an idealised or average person. We can be who we are and we start from where we are, when we practice Yoga
like this.