Yoga Practice for Stability

NICE recommends group exercise like Yoga for first stage treatment for low back pain and sciatica

"NICE's updated guideline on low back pain and sciatica recommends exercise in all its forms - for example stretching, strengthening, aerobics or yoga - as the first step in managing the condition.
The guideline also recommends encouraging people to continue with normal activities as far as possible."

This is the start of the press release for the guideline which was published on 30 November 2016.

Pregnancy Yoga class - Thursdays 6.30 - 7.30pm

Come along to Pregnancy Yoga to use Yoga comfortably and with ease during your pregnancy plus lots of practice on helpful breathing techniques for labour and birth. Its not necessary to have any Yoga experience.
I'm part way through some mentoring work with the amazing Viv Tallis in Bristol who is a bit of a pregnancy and Yoga expert, and now putting some of the fantastic concept and Yoga into the class, that I've been learning from her. Breathing is a big part of this - so much to practise and benefit from, in using our breathing to support the body.

Why is one-to-one Yoga different to a Yoga class?

Individual Yoga focuses on how you are, what your abilities are and what you would like or need to work with using Yoga.

We are all different and one-to-one Yoga embraces these differences instead of trying to get us to be an idealised or average person. We can be who we are and we start from where we are, when we practice Yoga
like this.